Floral Workshops - Canvey Island, Benfleet, Essex

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Church Flower Arrangers Workshop

Duration: 1 Day

Fee: £195.00

Always Floral Academy - Florist Training Academy

This is an ideal introduction course for those who would like to expand their skills with arranging church flowers. Ideal for those who occasionally assist with local church flowers, this is an ideal step in experiencing the skills to arrange a pedestal arrangement as well as a long and low arrangement.

Upon completion of this workshop you may feel ready to enrol on our Church flower arrangers Course, which will cover arranging in more depth.

You will be supplied all necessary flowers and foliage to complete a pedestal arrangement which you will be able to take home with you at the end of the day.

Beginners Taster Workshop

Duration: 1 Day

Fee: £175.00 

Always Floral Academy - Florist Training Academy

This is for those who have yet to decide which workshop or course is for them. With this workshop you will be able to see a variety of flower arrangements; you will then be able to decide which you would like to learn within your practical session.

With a wide choice of seasonal flowers and foliage for you to use allowing for your own favourites to be used, when completed you will be able to take your arrangement home at the end of the day, allowing you to enjoy, and your friends to admire your new skill.

Basic Funeral Flower Introduction Workshop

Duration: 1 Day

Fee: £195.00

Always Floral Academy - Florist Training Academy

Have you often admired beautiful floral tributes wondering how they are created? This is the workshop for you, you will see how a variety of tributes are created, your tutor will introduce you to based or massed work, loose as well as tied arrangements.

With great demand for floral tributes for funerals it is imperative that a florist can offer a full range of tributes, this workshop will allow you to experience the skills required to create the demands of a those wishing to express their final respects for a loved one with flowers.

This workshop is a perfect start to your experiences with funeral flowers, we offer further courses to allow you to build on your new skills.

Handtied & Traditional Bouquet Workshop

Duration: 1 Day

Fee: £175.00

Always Floral Academy - Florist Training Academy

Hand tied bouquets, also known as aqua packs are a very popular way of receiving flowers. The florist has designed the flowers in a spiral allowing for the flowers to sit perfectly ready for presentation to the recipient, with only the need of a vase to perfect the finished design. Learning how to select your flowers and the achievement of perfecting the spiral will allow you to be able to show your flowers off at their best.

As well as the hand tied you will also learn how to complete a natural tied arrangement and atraditional bouquet which will show off the flowers beautiful making for an impressive gift for your friends.

All flowers and foliage are supplied for you to create your designs throughout the day. You will also to be able to take home your final creation of the day.

Wedding Workshop

Duration: 1 Day

Fee: £225.00

Always Floral Academy - Florist Training Academy

If you are getting married and would like to learn how to create corsages’, button holes and table arrangements, this is ideal opportunity to do just that.

You will learn how to work with traditional flowers as well as working with the more unusual, covering long and low arrangements as well as the more modern vase arrangements for tables.

All flowers and foliage is supplied for you to use during your workshop, as well as being able to take home your completed buttonhole and dress corsage.

We also have an opportunity for you to spend the day with your bridesmaids enjoying a fun day together – ask for more details.

Business Experience Days

Are you looking for something different to offer your employees, as a team building exercise?

Always Floral Academy - Florist Training Academy

We have developed a fun filled experience, allowing for your staff to work together in a relaxed and informal manner.

Productivity within a business is paramount for its success, ensuring that a team can work well together adds to that success. Quite often employees and managers are sent on adventure type team building days, which quite often leave some members of the group less involved, with our team building day, your staff will work together to be able to create floral arrangements.

Working together they will need to learn more about each other to transfer that into working on designing and building a beautiful floral arrangement. Allowing for your employees and managers to transfer their newly unleashed skills into the working environment, as well as having a fun fuelled day with us.

We can offer our Team building day at various venues around the country, contact our administration department for further details.


Fee: £300.00 for up to 4 florists

Always Floral Academy - Florist Training Academy

With our demonstration days, we can build your staffs’ skills and confidence, teaching a design aspect that you feel needs attention. Your staff will need to be fully qualified or experienced bench trained to benefit from this course.

Our demonstration days are designed for you and your staff alone, allowing for you to concentrate on the designing needs of you and your staff.

So if you need to learn more about larger arrangements, statement pieces, bespoke weddings, corporate designing etc., this course is for you.

We supply all the flowers and foliage required during the day of training.


If you feel that your business is not performing as it should or your staff are not working cost effectively, this is an ideal option for you to use our skills in not only floristry but also in business management. We can help to advise you in the best methods to turn your business around.

You may have started up a new business or taken over an existing, but would like help in putting your actions into place to allow you the best opportunity to build a successful business.

As this is individual to each business, the number of days you require our services can vary from one business to another, therefore we would need to speak with you to this to your individual concerns helping us to understand how we can help to move you further in the direction that can see profit rather than loss.

We will come to your florist working within your timescales as much as possible. We can give you more information as to how we will be able to help you.

Floristry Building Skills Courses

Always Floral Academy - Florist Training Academy

These courses are for those who are already trained as florists, but may have had a break from the industry, or need confidence building to enhance their skills.

If you are finding aspects of your floristry need some help, then we can assist you. Each course is catered to the needs of the student, allowing for our tutors to help you improve your existing skills. Our skill building course can include help with your hand tied bouquets, funeral tributes, oasis arrangements, maybe you need business management skills developed.

The duration of these courses will vary depending on your individual needs, these courses can also be catered to floristry shops that wish to enhance their staffs’ skills, we can bring our services to you as well as your staff visiting our training venue.

Relay Product Training Courses

Always Floral Academy - Florist Training Academy

Many florist shops require staff to know how to create relay products prior to them commencing work within a shop. This can be difficult if you have never worked within this environment. We have developed a course catered specifically to training of relay products.

Due to the skills required within this course, we can only offer those that are fully trained in floristry the option to join this course.

If you are finding it difficult to employ staff that have the skills required in the relay products that you offer your customers, you are invited to send your staff on one of our relay product training courses, which will help to develop their skills, which can only improve your profits. We all know that quality trained staff are an asset to any business.