Always Floral Academy - Florist Training Academy

Always Floral Academy | Benfleet, Canvey Island, Essex

At The academy you will find all of our tutors have a true passion for floristry and sharing their knowledge with our enthusiastic students. Whether you are looking for a course to fuel your passion for personal fulfilment, to expand your professional knowledge or to start your new career as a florist, we have the course and experience to be able to guide and develop your skills.

Our academy principle has not only trained adults for over 25 years, but has owned premier Interflora florists in Essex, allowing for up to date skills being passed on to our students.

With one of the largest choice of courses available we can be sure that we can bring something different to our students.

Which course is for me?

Always floral academy offers an extensive range of courses and workshops whether you are looking to add to your personal hobbies, build on your existing professional experience or to start Your new career as a florist, as well as those who wish to start their own business, home, shop or freelance. You will always find someone available to talk through your requirements, helping to guide you through the variety of options ensuring that the course will fulfil your needs. If you want to start off with a workshop or you are looking for a course that will give you a complete career change, a tutor or course administrator will give you any help you require to help you to book onto your workshop or course.

What can I expect during my training?

Always Floral Academy - Florist Training Academy

During each training session you will be able to watch your tutor complete a full demonstration, allowing you plenty of time to ask questions before you start your own practical sessions.

We believe that although theory is important, nothing beats being able to carry out practical training under the supervision of your tutor. It is just as important that you build the confidence to continue your newly learnt skills.

We will always supply a wide range of fresh flowers and foliage for you to be able to carry out your practical training as well as all tools necessary for you to use whilst with us. Therefore, once you have paid your training fee you will have no further costs to learn your new skill.

Refreshments are supplied throughout each day, making you feel as comfortable as possible, we want you to enjoy your training. Once your training has completed we want you to feel totally confident in the knowledge and practical experience we have shared with you, we offer all students on ongoing helpline for support and advice.

We are based in Essex with our head office based close to Benfleet for a national rail station, easily accessible by road with the M25 just 30 minutes away. We look forward to welcoming you to our academy.